21 07 2011

The nuts and bolts for the large flange are galling:

This set is shot.

These sets are pretty expensive, so I asked MDC for a free replacement… which they gave me!

Galling is pretty common with stainless on stainless. One solution is to use anti-sieze:

But this introduces goopy hydrocarbons to my clean chamber.

MDC’s recommended solution is silver plated stainless steel bolts. At $77 for a large conflat it’s very expensive… but the way to go.




Back in the Lab

6 07 2011

My work contract is complete, so I’m back in the lab.

First I need to clean off my desk:

As a life experiment I’m switching to a standing desk. My shop neighbor Kennen graciously made me some risers:

Clean desk:

2nd Birthday

29 10 2010

Last week this blog turned two years old.

Happy birthday Prometheus Fusion Perfection!


19 09 2010

Friday the 10th was my last day at Gucci for the time being.

I’ve been on vacation for the last week. I’m currently visiting family in PA.

My last apartment lease also ended, so I’m looking for a new sublet in NYC before I can return.


12 01 2010

I recently came across todayandtomorrow, a mind blowing contemporary art blog. It made me want to paint. I painted:

Oil on masonite.


7 12 2009

It’s 4:51 AM. I’m broadcasting live from WFMU with my friend Jesse on the Frow Show. Here is the show. We are layering the clicks from my geiger counter over ambient music:

What fun!


19 10 2009

With the large chamber gone, I’m able to setup properly:


As the project gets complex, I must keep the lab organized.

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