Polywell Patent

27 07 2010

In case anyone was wondering, this is the Polywell patent currently in effect:


UPDATE: Apparently, this is a patent application not a patent. It was rejected and has not been re-applied for… see comments.

Amateur Nuclear Fusion

30 05 2009

Now we have a book on the topic:

Amateur Nuclear Fusion

Very cool! Thank you Raymond Jimenez.


7 05 2009

So this is totally unverified, but this comment from chrismb on the polywell talk forum caught my attention:

Bussard’s main claim, generating a point-cusped magnetic field and injecting electrons (thus confined) then ions confined by those electrons, expired on October 29th 2005.

All the patents since that expired one of 1985 (US4826646) are just fiddling around with details, this main core claim has long expired (showing just how long this story has been dragging on).

Open Source

13 11 2008

Unless specified otherwise, all intellectual property generated by this project will be open sourced under the MIT license.

The decawell source code is available on github.

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