Bellows Holder

19 12 2010

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Back in the lab today after some travel out west.

Previously I designed a bellows holder to keep the high voltage feedthrough from moving.

I received the part and installed it successfully today:

A real win using 3D metal printing.


Fast Neutron Counter

12 10 2010

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I just scored this sweet vintage military fast neutron counter for $370!



Serial A 21

Unit of Radiac Set AN/PDR-47C


By contractor


Denville NJ


Probe, Radiac


Where would I get this thing calibrated?




Langmuir Probe

12 07 2010

All photos.

Most of the parts for the Langmuir probe are here.

The probe will connect via the rear 8″ conflat:

Unfortunately, this 8″ conflat holds the chamber up! So I whipped up an 80/20 solution:

You can see the chamber is supported on either side by 80/20:

Stuart has the long socket wrench we’ll need:

We have ceramic tubes left over from the fusor grid. However, they don’t quit fit together.  I’ll have to file the smaller one with a diamond file. Easy.

An open question:

Finally… I still need to purchase the super thin tungsten wire that will form the tip of the Langmuir probe. Anyone have a foot or so of thin tungsten wire?

Gearing Up

10 07 2010

All photos.

I’ve been gathering the parts necessary for the next round of experimentation.

High voltage feedthrough for the Langmuir probe:

8″ to 2.75″ reducer for the langmuir probe:

Trigatron to discharge huge capacitor. Everybody say that out loud: TRIGATRON.

It’s the coolest word ever invented. Spec Doc.

20V 3A benchtop power supply by Sorensen. This will power the heater on the superconductor’s persistent switch.

Also for the superconducting coils I got this benchtop dewar for the liquid nitrogen:

More 80/20:

And finally a 160-in-1 electronics kit. So much better than the one I had as a kid. My 12 year old self is SO JEALOUS!

Photo Stream

9 05 2010

I recently acquired a remarkable little piece of technology called eye-fi. Its an SD memory card for your digital camera with built in WIFI. As soon as I take a picture it is uploaded to Picassa and my computer. It’s amazing.

Photography is the most important part of this blog, but until now… the most cumbersome. It was a 10 step process to get a photo from my camera to the blog. Now I am publishing a photo stream just by taking the photos. So easy.

The upshot is I will be publishing about 100 photos every day I’m in the lab… you will literally see them before I do.

So without further ado, here is the new photo stream. And here is a tour of the lab in photos from today. Some highlights:

Picked up a wireless USB hub:

Langmuir Probe

4 01 2010

If you wish to replicate the Sydney experiment, you must first obtain a Langmuir Probe.

I have requested quotes for these commercial Langmuir Probes:


Automated Langmuir Probe (ALP) System


BTW, how do you pronounce Langmuir? I imagine it rhymes with “pang-doer” or maybe “ma-doer”. ANSWER: it rhymes with lang-meer.

Photo Triggering

16 06 2009

The Camera Axe may be useful for capturing images (or otherwise triggering meters/instruments) for brief events. For example in the pulsed operation mode of a copper coil polywell.

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