Gearing Up

10 07 2010

All photos.

I’ve been gathering the parts necessary for the next round of experimentation.

High voltage feedthrough for the Langmuir probe:

8″ to 2.75″ reducer for the langmuir probe:

Trigatron to discharge huge capacitor. Everybody say that out loud: TRIGATRON.

It’s the coolest word ever invented. Spec Doc.

20V 3A benchtop power supply by Sorensen. This will power the heater on the superconductor’s persistent switch.

Also for the superconducting coils I got this benchtop dewar for the liquid nitrogen:

More 80/20:

And finally a 160-in-1 electronics kit. So much better than the one I had as a kid. My 12 year old self is SO JEALOUS!

Photo Stream

9 05 2010

I recently acquired a remarkable little piece of technology called eye-fi. Its an SD memory card for your digital camera with built in WIFI. As soon as I take a picture it is uploaded to Picassa and my computer. It’s amazing.

Photography is the most important part of this blog, but until now… the most cumbersome. It was a 10 step process to get a photo from my camera to the blog. Now I am publishing a photo stream just by taking the photos. So easy.

The upshot is I will be publishing about 100 photos every day I’m in the lab… you will literally see them before I do.

So without further ado, here is the new photo stream. And here is a tour of the lab in photos from today. Some highlights:

Picked up a wireless USB hub:

Langmuir Probe

4 01 2010

If you wish to replicate the Sydney experiment, you must first obtain a Langmuir Probe.

I have requested quotes for these commercial Langmuir Probes:


Automated Langmuir Probe (ALP) System


BTW, how do you pronounce Langmuir? I imagine it rhymes with “pang-doer” or maybe “ma-doer”. ANSWER: it rhymes with lang-meer.

Photo Triggering

16 06 2009

The Camera Axe may be useful for capturing images (or otherwise triggering meters/instruments) for brief events. For example in the pulsed operation mode of a copper coil polywell.

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