Third pass at the Hercules Extruder

2 01 2009

So the latest design hasn’t even been made at ponoko… and I already see it is flawed. I decided to restart from the beginning… now that I have a digital caliper, and understand sketchup better. Here is the latest:


I’m not rounding the corners till the end, because it’s easier to edit with square corners. Also, I’m keeping the the panels themselves 2D, easier to work with.

Hercules Extruder 3D

29 12 2008

Still cutting my teeth with sketchup. Here is the hercules extruder in 3D:




The sketchup-svg-outline-plugin is great for producing laser cuts for Ponoko. I recommend this sketch-svg tutorial.

Added the trapped nut cutouts:

trapped_nutThis intersect model tutorial was essential for making the trapped nut cutouts.

I just ordered v1 of the extruder from ponoko:


Hercules Extruder

21 12 2008

I’m working on fabricating the Hercules extruder for the reprap. It is simpler then the current extruders, and it just looks sturdier and more reliable.  The lasercuts look like this:hercules_extruder

Haven’t tried these out yet. Here is the sketchup file

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