13 11 2011

All photos.

The Makerbot is up and running. It was fun to put together.

I was able to do a few test prints:

Reprap Gcode Gotchas

19 01 2009

For some reason, for my reprap to work I had to plug my min opto end stop in to the max port on the stepper motor controller. So for other reprap’ers out there whose symptoms include: normal response to Gcodes, except for motion towards the min opto-endstop, for one or more axes, try inserting the min opto into the max opto port on the stepper controller. Makes no sense, but bam there it is. 

I also had to invert my opto-endstops by setting this in _init.pde:


I spent days struggling with these idiosyncrasies, hopefully this post will save someone else the same trouble.

Also remember to set the baud-rate to 19,200

Reprap Frustrations

19 01 2009

I’m having a tough time getting the Gcode firmware to work on either the Arduino or the Sanguino. The PDE files compile and upload properly, but when I issue a Gcode command through the serial connection, such as “G1 X10”:  it does not work, and I get this crazy response:


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