Project of the Day

17 02 2010

We are the project of the day on Kickstarter:


6 02 2010

I’m broke.

But not to worry. I’ve just launched a kickass kickstarter project to fund the building of an open source Bussard fusion reactor:

We are hoping to raise $3,000. The money will be used to replicate the results of the Sydney Experiment.

Be sure to check out the amazing rewards, especially the fusor grid necklaces.

Help me get the word out and make this a big success!


12 01 2010

My friend jewelry designer Max Steiner designed this amazing necklace based on a Fusor’s grid for a Kickstarter fundraiser I hope to launch soon:

Another Donation

10 10 2009

WOW. Another donation of $20 from anon!


10 10 2009

Another donation of $20 from anon!


30 08 2009

Shout out to Anthony Clark from the UK for his donation of $10! Thanks Anthony!


26 06 2009

Shout out to vernes for a $20 donation today.

Another Donation

4 06 2009

Shout out to Manolo S. for his donation of $20!

Another Donation

9 05 2009

Wow, just got a $50 donation. Amazing.

Another Donation

19 04 2009

Shout out to “Finding good homes for outstanding books since 2006” for the $10 donation today!

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