Vintage Fast Neutron Counter for Sale

16 08 2011

All photos.

I’m selling this fast neutron counter to raise funds for the project:

It might be possible to get it working… I dont’ know!

New Job

20 03 2011

I’m almost out of money… so back to work.

I start a new development contract in SOHO Monday.

I expect it will be quiet on the blog for a few weeks.

Once I’m in the new rhythm, I hope to make it to the lab a few times a week.

Bitcoin Fundraiser

4 02 2011

As an experiment, I’m starting a fundraiser asking for bitcoins – a new digital currency.

The project’s receiving address is:

Get the skinning on bitcoin here:

Got a powerful graphics card? You can donate without spending cash, just computer cycles! Contact me for details.

UPDATE: We have received our first donation of $1.16 BTC!!!! Awesome!

UPDATE: Another 1 BTC!

Let’s see if we can make it to 1000 BTC!!!

UPDATE: Donation of 11.24 BTC!!!  1% of goal already.

UPDATE: Another 6 bitcoins!

Funding Credit

10 04 2010

One of the rewards for the Kickstarter project was funding credit on the blog. So here goes! A shout out to my funders:

Lance Conatser
Heiner Wolf
Joey Stanford
Ryan Colucci
Carl Lumma
Gabor Laszlo
Nees and Vos
Paul J. Gitschner
Neil R


22 03 2010

Hallelujah, the Kickstarter funds have cleared!!!!!!

So after the Kickstarter and Amazon fees we have $3,428.32 to work with. Beyond that some of the rewards have a cost of goods sold that has to be covered.

I’m going to order the remaining parts for the coil power supply tonight!

We are back in business!


20 03 2010

Great news! I’ve just been re-hired by Gucci for a 3.5 month contract doing ruby on rails development.

Although we have just completed a successful Kickstarter project, it does not cover my personal living expenses.

I will be working 40 to 50 hours a week, so I will have less time for the project. However I expect to make slow and steady progress on the nights and weekends. This is a much better position than the last two months, where I had all the time  – but not enough money to buy necessary parts.

I start Monday.

In other news I was able to initiate the funds transfer from Amazon Payments (they do the Kickstarter money handling), so I _hope_ those funds will be available in 5 days. The first purchase will be the remaining parts for the coil power supply.

Available for Hire (Ruby on Rails)

11 03 2010

Did you know I’m a professional Ruby on Rails developer?

I am available for hire, starting immediately.

Talents include:
Ruby on Rails, MySQL, SQL, HAML, REST, Passenger, Nginx, Mongrel, Test::Unit, Javascript, Prototype, AJAX, JSON, CSS, XHTML, Mac OS X, Linux, Git, Capistrano, AWS/EC2, SVN, Normalized Compression Distance, Filemaker, BRL-CAD.

I mastered ROR building Critical Metrics, then I rebuilt GUCCI‘s e-commerce system in Ruby on Rails. I have over 9 years of web application development experience.

I’m very good at solving challenging problems and getting it done (like a boss).

Resume available upon request.

I can work onsite in the NYC area, and remote anywhere in the world.


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