Analog Oscilloscope for Sale

28 02 2011

All photos.

Got a Tektronix 2445 4 channel analog oscilloscope for sale:

Starting $1, no reserve.

Comes with 4 HP probes.


5 10 2009

I’m rebaying the huge vacuum chamber.


Also selling this Glassman CRT unit.


4 06 2009

I’m rebaying some items I purchased on ebay, but didn’t end up using.

Turbomolecular Pumps

22 03 2009

My major obsticle right now is simply connecting a turbomolucular pump to the chamber!

My current TMpump  (which uses an ASA flange) can only run standing up (or the oil from the reservoir would drain into the turbine). So before we even think about attaching it, we need a huge elbo, which turns out costs $595 (3X the cost of the pump). On top of that you would still need an adapter flange  (rubber gasket to conflat). AND I would need to elevate the chamber to accommodate the position of the pump. Also, I think the elbo would reduce the TMpumps effectiveness; you want as short and direct a duct as possible (although I have no idea the actual metric of reduction). So not looking good.

Now, lets take a closer look at the TMpumps with variable orientation in my price range on ebay :

Kyky – can’t find any documentation

Lebold – Leybold TW 700 L – TDL SPECSHEET. I don’t see a TW 700, but I do see a TW 701. It’s inlet flange is ISO160-K. So this would need an adapter flange to connect to our conflat(10″ I think).  Need to price this adapter.

Varian Varian TurboMolecular Pump Model V-550 Model # 969-9049S017. The catalog only mentions the V550 controler, I don’t see specs on the pump itself. Need to ID the flange for this one.

Varian TV 551 Navigator

Any one of these needs an accompanying controller. We are going to try a cheap variable frequency drive on the current TMpump. Do these pumps require extra air/water cooling systems?

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