Cold Fusion

17 01 2011

Italian researchers Focardi and Rossi claim to have made a break even cold fusion reactor. Huge news if it is true.

Seems still in the press release phase, but I’ll be keeping an eye on this story.

More detail in the patent application and technical paper.

Worth mentioning that the device is dead simple. It would be relatively easy to replicate the experiment.

For background see article on cold fusion.


Physorg is covering the story with due skepticism. This paragraph is most telling to me:

Rossi and Focardi have applied for a patent that has been partially rejected in a preliminary report. According to the report, “As the invention seems, at least at first, to offend against the generally accepted laws of physics and established theories, the disclosure should be detailed enough to prove to a skilled person conversant with mainstream science and technology that the invention is indeed feasible. … In the present case, the invention does not provide experimental evidence (nor any firm theoretical basis) which would enable the skilled person to assess the viability of the invention.


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