PROTEST National Defense Authorization Act

15 12 2011

We are on the verge of loosing the right to habeas corpus in America.

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 was passed by the House last night and the president is expected to sign it into law.

Forbes has a good article on the threat this law poses to civil liberties in the United States.

This law allows the US  government to indefinitely detain US citizens without trial.

If the government doesn’t like you… they can brand you a terrorist and make you disappear.

This makes every US citizens vulnerable to unjust prosecution.


I will be at Zuccotti Park  40 Foley Square NYC protesting today.



Information on the NDAA has been tough to find with lots of confusion on the internet.

Lawfare has a great FAQ that gets into the subtleties of the NDAA.


UPDATE: President Obama has signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law.

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