Welding Shields

18 12 2009

In an attempt to protect the fragile coils while welding together the magrid, I’ve designed a magrid with welding shields:

I added code to generate closeups:

The lids have the female side of the welding shield:

New STL for Superconducting Magrid

23 08 2009

Created a new STL of the superconducting magrid using a tolerance of 0.01mm. It looks much smoother:


If you looks closely you can see the faceting. Also took some time to refactor the code that generates these shapes. I added a temp folder and a parts folder to keep the main directory free of trash. Now the resulting STL and PNG filenames include the hash tag of the current git HEAD so you can connect an STL file to the code that generated it. You can find the branch I’m working on here.

Overlapping Triangles in STL

21 08 2009

A few days ago I send the STL files for the superconducting magrid to Prometal for fabrication. They are having problems with my STL files – overlapping triangles; the red area will not clean up:


I have no idea how to fix this.


Spoke with Mike at Prometal. He suggests trying again with higher resolution triangles. I’ll do that today.

BRL-CAD / STL Progress

30 05 2009

Shout out to Michael Davis. He read about my BRL-CAD STL problems and suggested I use combinations instead of regions. This largely fixed my STL export issues, and the export is generally much faster. I still have to check that a service bureau can use the STL files produced. Here is a render of the STL output:


You can see the faceting produced by the chosen resolution. Looks like we are back in business with designing and producing Polywell cores.

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