Prometheus Fusion Perfection has an Intern

15 04 2012

Hi everybody, I’m Domenick Bauer, and in about a month, I will begin a full-time internship at Prometheus Fusion Perfection.

Let me say a little about how I came to find Prometheus. I’ve done some fusor work in the past, and a few years ago, I built a Farnsworth-Hirsch fusor capable of star mode. Unfortunately I had to return to school before I could make a real attempt at fusion. Since then, I have been an avid follower of the fusion effort. Earlier this year, I came upon this blog, and found it very exciting.

I wanted to be a part of it, but knew that money was tight at Prometheus, so I applied for the Hodson Trust Internship Program, a fellowship offered by my school in which an applicant creates a proposal on something interesting he wants to do, and finds an organization where he can do it. If the Hodson committee likes the proposal and the organization, the applicant is awarded a stipend on which he can live while he does his internship.

Yesterday, I learned that I was awarded the internship!

It feels great to be here at Prometheus and I can’t wait to get started.



7 responses

15 04 2012

Please continue blogging progress made!

15 04 2012
Mark Suppes

That’s the plan!

16 04 2012
Erik de Bruijn - Ultimaker

Congrats!!! I hope you make a great team. Keep those communications with the outside world as active as they were. If you have a local team, the need to communicate with the outside world doesn’t seem so critical, even though it is.

16 04 2012

Congatulations to the both of you! Prometheus just doubled in size. I love it.

16 04 2012

Can you post a description of the project? I am sure it will evolve.

17 04 2012

Thanks for all you support! My project is the project of Prometheus — green, open-source, fusion energy.

19 04 2012
Remy Dyer

Fantastic! Great News!
I’m Jealous!

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