LIFT Conference Talk

4 04 2012

My talk at the LIFT conference in Geneva has been posted online!



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6 04 2012

I enjoyed your talk at Lift12!

Thanks for posting the link.

6 04 2012

The most powerful nuclear weapons also use fusion.

6 04 2012
Mark Suppes

That’s True. However fusion weapons are trigger with a fission explosion first. Without the fission there is no weapon.

6 04 2012

Yes, but conventional explosives trigger the fission, and so on. Just saying I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a double standard. Fusion has been used as a weapon too can’t avoid it.

16 05 2012

1. No. Fission bombs are not triggered by conventional explosives.
2. It’s not a double standard to be for fusion power and against the hydrogen bomb.
3. Nothing you have said is a valid criticism of fusion power.

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