CERN / Large Hadron Collider Visit

29 02 2012

All photos.

Last week I was in Geneva doing a talk at LIFT 2012, which I will post when it goes online. As part of the conference I was invited to tour CERN and the Large Hardron Collider. Despite a hungover 7AM wakeup I managed to make the train to CERN. What an amazing experience!!

A cutaway showing how the beam line section are connected. The beam line tubes contract several centimeters as they are cooled with liquid helium, so bellows and sliding joins are used:

This is the main testing facility for beam line tubes:

This is a cavity resonator used in the Large Electron Positron Collider – the predecessor to the LHC:

Here we see the control room for the Large Hadron Collider. SO COOL.

James Bridle , who spoke at LIFT, wrote a nice post on our CERN visit.



6 responses

1 03 2012
Derek Shannon

Awesome! Are you going to visit the giant parking lot in Cadarache?

3 03 2012
S. Sassan

Did you get some help on how to build an electron gun?

7 03 2012
Steven Hosemans AKA Dustin.

cavity resolator should be “resonator”

8 03 2012
Mark Suppes


20 03 2012

Looking forward to the LIFT video. I checked out the video section on the lift12 site, but your talk isn’t there yet. Hey, maybe you need to sell tee-shirts like the OSSI guy to fund your Polywell. :-)

24 05 2012

Hum this is actually the SPS control room (with the PS control room in the back) the LHC control is on the opposite side ;P

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