Vacuum Chamber Armature

1 12 2011

All photos.

Today I used the MakerBot to print an armature mount for the vacuum chamber.

The ring is larger than the build platform, so I made four pieces that dovetail together.

I used Jag’s dovetail library.

The MakerBot makes it ok to fail. I went through five designs before I arrived at this one that works. But that’s ok!



6 responses

2 12 2011

How will the extruded plastic behave under vacuum? How much will it outgas and will that foul anything?

5 12 2011
Mark Suppes

We will see!

2 12 2011

I’d also be curious how it erodes. Plastics tend to get pretty eaten up by high temp particles whacking in to them. Being able to print a new one when that happens is pretty neat.

Really enjoying your MakerBot posts.

5 12 2011
Mark Suppes

I suspect it won’t be great in a plasma. But at the moment I only need to run a plasma a few second at a time.

2 12 2011

Yeah what are you doing? I assume you’re a bit short of parts
and need a solution. Is this a template for something you will
have made?

5 12 2011
Mark Suppes

This is the first step towards a mounting system.

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