Test Shots

18 10 2011

All photos.

Today I wired up the Polywell.

I made an armature to accomodate the new high voltage probe:

I tested the coils: definitely hitting 2.3 kA, which is what we want.

But when I tested the electron gun I saw a problem: It needs 25 millitorr of air to strike a plasma, up from the 8.5 millitorr of the original configuration. This is a problem because high pressure reduces potential well formation.

I was able to take some test shots… everything is working. The potential wells are shallow due to the high pressure.

Here you see the current on channel 1 (the bump that goes up) with a peak of 800A. The potential well is on channel 2 (bump that goes down) with a peak of -8V. For current in amps, multiply by 1000. For potential well in volts multiply by 1000.



2 responses

20 10 2011

Have you run a control, w/o the electron injector, to see how much of the Langmuir signal may be noise coupling from the cap bank discharge?

20 10 2011
Mark Suppes

I ran this control with previous setup:


But I have yet to run the control on this setup.

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