Test Shots

18 10 2011

All photos.

Today I wired up the Polywell.

I made an armature to accomodate the new high voltage probe:

I tested the coils: definitely hitting 2.3 kA, which is what we want.

But when I tested the electron gun I saw a problem: It needs 25 millitorr of air to strike a plasma, up from the 8.5 millitorr of the original configuration. This is a problem because high pressure reduces potential well formation.

I was able to take some test shots… everything is working. The potential wells are shallow due to the high pressure.

Here you see the current on channel 1 (the bump that goes up) with a peak of 800A. The potential well is on channel 2 (bump that goes down) with a peak of -8V. For current in amps, multiply by 1000. For potential well in volts multiply by 1000.

New High Voltage Probe

18 10 2011

Just got this Tektronix P6015 high voltage probe. It goes up to 40 kV!

Well actually it only goes to 27 kV without the fluorocarbon 114 dielectric.

It’s huge! Shown next to a normal probe:

Just in time for the next run.

This is the same probe used in the Sydney experiment.

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