Ready for Next Run

17 10 2011

All photos.

I’ve been working towards re-running the Sydney experiment with 2.3 kA of current through the coils. This required completely re-arranging the pieces of the experiment.

A big change was moving the langmuir probe to the same flange as the coils for better alignment.

I’ve been waiting for two weeks for this part from shapeways (thingaverse). It’s a new holder for the langmuir probe:

It holds a ceramic tube like so:

Now the probe is always nicely centered:

I cut down the electron gun for the new arrangement:

I made new ceramic standoffs because the previous ones were poorly crafted. These ones turned out nicely:

Here you can see the electron gun on the left and coils in the center:

I buttoned everything up:

I got the vacuum down to 1.1 millitorr. Not great, but good enough for this experiment.

Tomorrow I will wire up the electrical and run the sydney experiment at full power.



One response

19 10 2011

I like the way you iterate the setup – one can always hope that most of the changes are improvements :)
Just a thought: The probe looks quite big compared to the size of the coils. Do you think that it would work to make a smaller one by for example threading a thin wire through a glass pipette?
(The idea is just based on using said pipettes today, I have no clue to whether it would melt or sputter excessively…)

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