Coil Power Supply Upgrade

26 09 2011

All photos.

I completed some nice upgrades to the coils power supply for safety and quality.

I added DIN rail terminal blocks and rearranged the parts to emphasize discharge path:

Added an internal variac:

Added terminal blocks to the trigger board:

These pins on the SCR never soldered well because they are mini-fastons. Fixed:

For safety, I added an AC switch:

I replaced the trigger’s battery with a 9V wall wart:

And added a DIN rail 0.5 A circuit breaker:



5 responses

26 09 2011
Dr. Ian Malcolm

Now eventualy you might have fusion on your, on your fusion reactor right? Hello? yes?

27 09 2011
Mark Suppes

Yes. It’s 98% preparation and 2% fusion.

27 09 2011

The updates are great, Mark! It’s nice to see all the electronics work that goes into this.

28 09 2011

Seconding this. It’s interesting and inspiring to follow this project!

27 09 2011

Yeah, he’s taking so long. You should build your own fusion reactor and beat him to it! Let us know how that goes.

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