Viton Gaskets

14 09 2011

All photos.

I am testting out viton gaskets for the vacuum chamber.

Viton gaskets are reusable replacements for single-use copper conflat gaskets.

The gaskets are rated down to 10e-8 torr, which is fine for now.

The smaller gaskets installed easily, but the large 8″ gaskets were impossible to install… they fell off the flange.

I called MDC and asked “what’s the trick?”

The trick is a little vacuum grease to retain the gasket!

I ordered APIEZON TYPE M vacuum grease from ebay, also rated down to 10e-8 torr.

I made 8 tiny dabs of vacuum grease:

And it worked!

After a few hours the chamber went as low as 5.5e-5 torr. Totally fine for now, but could be better.

I will continue to use them.

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