Oscilloscope Camera Mount

13 09 2011

All photos.

Reader jsults turned my on to g3data… it’s a little open source program that helps extract data from graphs.

It looks like this in action:

I tried it with my oscilloscope photographs and it worked OK.  But it does not compensate for trapezoidal distortions.

If my camera were perfectly lined up with the oscilloscope g3data would work great.

This got me to thinking… maybe I could build a camera holder for the oscilloscope?

So I did.

I designed this mount using sketchup and had it printed at shapeways. It came in the mail today.


Works like a charm. Now all my oscilloscope photos will be perfectly centered and flat:

You can download at thingaverse or purchase at shapeways.



3 responses

15 09 2011

This is really cool,
Perhaps there is a way to use the oscilliscope trigger to trigger the camera to take the picture. There may be a bnc trigger output connector on the back of the cro.

17 09 2011

Hey – just reading about the Tek 2430A – it has a GPIB port; not sure if you’ve done much serial/parallel programming, but it’s pretty straightforward to use PERL with the GPIB module(s) to extract output from your scope using the GPIB port (your camera hook up is one of the most elegant quick-and-dirty solutions I’ve ever seen though). You’ll need a GPIB-computer interface, but there’s lots for sale on eBay (check out ‘ni gpib’) for the National Instruments cards.

Good luck!

17 09 2011
Mark Suppes

I’m thinking of buying the prologix gpib adapter.

The gpib route would be ideal. But till then the photos are quick and easy.

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