My First OP-AMP Circuit

3 09 2011

All photos.

My Glassman high voltage power supply can be controlled with a 0-10VDC signal.

But most computer interfaces (like the arduino ) output 0-5VDC.

So today I built my first OP-AMP circuit to double a DC voltage:

I found a LM358M operation amplifier laying around.

Now I have a 2X voltage doubler! Sweet:




3 responses

3 09 2011
Thomas Suckow (@deathbobomega)

Was going to say I hope that is a rail to rail op-amp. But your multimeter shows that to be the case.

6 09 2011

Love the harmonica there with your stuff…

10 09 2011
Arduino Controls 30,000 Volts « Prometheus Fusion Perfection

[…] we just add the voltage doubling op-amp circuit I made previously, and […]

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