Circuit Modeling with SPICE

2 09 2011

Last week Raymond Rogers made a SPICE model of my coil circuit. Extremely helpful and awesome, thanks Ray!

SPICE is a general-purpose open source analog electronic circuit simulator.

I’ve been trying to get started with SPICE for a while now, but the steep learning curve prevented much progress. So to have a working example of a circuit I’m familiar with is so very useful.

Now we can run virtual experiment on the coil circuit and see how much current we get. Pretty damn cool!

Here are some example input values and resulting current graph:

Capacitance: 15 mF, 450V

Coil resistance: 180 mΩ

Coil inductance:  0.1mH






In this diagram the vertical axis is the voltage of a 1mΩ ammeter resistor, so 1V = 1KA.

I encourage anyone who knows splice to run this code, make changes and share results.

Also a shout out to jstults for his python script for inductance modeling.




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2 09 2011

Thanks for the nod; I’ve been meaning to get better at spice too; running your circuit is a good excuse.

I’ve also been playing a bit with QUCS; which, while still developing, has some neat capabilities and is open source.

3 09 2011
3 09 2011
Mark Suppes

When I try the circuits you made, I just see a black applet window.

However the falstad example circuits are amazing!

3 09 2011

ooooops. some characters got stripped or something.

you can either copy paste the URL or copy paste the raw data and use the “File → Import” function.

3 09 2011
Mark Suppes

That works. Freaking awesome!

4 09 2011

Microcap is a professional simulator I use, but a demo can be downloaded that allows up to 50 components, that should be more than enough for what you are doing.

29 09 2011
Discrepancy Between Circuit Simulation and Reality « Prometheus Fusion Perfection

[…] Previously we modeled the polywell coils and power supply in SPICE. […]

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