New Parts: Cathode Ray Tube, 3D Ceramic Test

18 08 2011

I bought an old oscilloscope CRT at Leeds Radio. RCA-3BP1

I will eventually break this tube (implosions! I know!) and use the electron gun and phosphor inside the vacuum chamber.

The idea is to run the sydney experiment with a pure electron beam. We are currently using an air or deuterium plasma.

Before I break the CRT I will operate it in tact. Here is the pinout for 3BP1.

This sweet CRT hack is a good start for the power supply needs.

Already got the hot cathode running:


On the 3D printing front I received the 3D printed ceramic coffee cup I ordered last month:

It looks really promising. Soon we’ll have a 3D printed ceramic magrid.



5 responses

18 08 2011

I know most crt hot cathodes have coatings which will be poisoned as soon as they are exposed to air. Not sure if it applies here but just thought I would give a heads up.

18 08 2011

Isn’t that elaborate stand going to get in the way of the particles? Seems like you’d want just one arm coming off, in an area with few electrons, maybe parallel to the cusp jets?

22 08 2011
Mark Suppes

You are right. My limitation is my design capabilities with the tools I am using.

12 09 2011

Am I right that it looks like Shapeways has dropped the ceramic material option? Shame. Any other sources of printable ceramics?

12 09 2011
Mark Suppes

Yes I did notice…. I’m going to refine the model on the assumption that it will be available one way or another now that it’s possible.

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