Deepest Potential Well Yet: 43 Volts

17 08 2011

All photos.

I’ve been running shots on the Polywell yesterday and today.

Just got my deepest potential well yet: 43 Volts.

10KV, 10mA on electron gun. 420V through coils. 8.5 millitorr air:

Be sure to check out the conditions I ran yesterday and today. Each shot has an oscilloscope photo with experimental parameters in caption.



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17 08 2011

What do you mean by ‘420V through coils’? Do you mean your cap bank had 420V on it before you switched it?

I am still unsure what you are measuring with an inactive probe, but I like the range of waveform shapes in the link. If they were all the same, some sort of alternative mechanism might be going on. But I think that the inconsistency of spike shape is actually quite indicative of interesting plasma structures forming up.

17 08 2011
Mark Suppes

Yes, the capacitors are charged to 420V. In future runs, I can show the current going into the coil along with the floating potential.

Previous experiments show 400V produces a 1200 amp spike:

17 08 2011
Dan Tibbets

I’m confused (yet again). Is the 470 volts needed to drive your ~ 1000 amps through the magnet coils? Or, is it a separate potential on the magrid case/ metal conductors separate from the magnets?
I assume the drive potential from the ~ 10,000 volts on the electron emmiters dominates any electron KE aspects, even if the 470 volts you refer to is exposed to the electrons (no or inadequate insulation). I’m uncertain if electrons at 10,000 volts would be accelerated by the potential of the magnet wires that are coated with varnish. In WB 6 the magnet windings were wrapped in up to several layers of mylar (?), and enclosed in a metal can (that carried the accelerating ~ 12,000 volts) , But with only varnish insulation in your setup it may be a factor.

Dan Tibbets

17 08 2011
Mark Suppes

The setup of this experiment is a little different than the WB6

The coils are at ground potential. Using a simple electron gun, I shoot an electron beam into magrid.

The 420 volts drive ~ 1200 amps through the coils.

17 08 2011

What kind of magnetic field strength does the translate to?

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