BIG STEP: Fired the Magrid Coil Inside Vacuum Chamber

1 08 2011

All photos.

Today I did all the wiring to connect the coil power supply to the coils inside the chamber.

I started by rack mounting the coil power supply:

Grounded the coil power supply:

I bought these rather expensive ($8 a piece) but totally necessary connectors for the feedthroughs:

I re-wound the coils with fresh magnet wire:

Test install:

Connect the coil to the feedthrough:

Make the cable from the feedthrough to the coil power supply:

Strain relief for the cable:

Finally ready to do a test shot:

I took the power supply capacitors up to 400V and did a sucessful test fire:

You can see the magrid flinch in the chamber when the caps fire. SUCCESS!

Very close to actually running the sydney experiment.

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