Langmuir Probe Test

29 07 2011

All photos.

Today I did a successful test of the Langmuir probe:


Here is a voltage reading of the floating potential:



5 responses

29 07 2011

hot damn. How do you move the probe around inside the chamber?

30 07 2011
Mark Suppes

For this experiment is should be fixed at the center of the magrid. However it is on a bellows so movement is possible.

31 07 2011

Nice work Mark! :)
How do you intend to calibrate it?

14 06 2012
Jose Guadarrama

Hello Mark,
I find it awesome that all your experiment was done at home. I just started working in a plasma gasification lab at my school and I have to wire up the langmuir probre. I am given 2 45V batteries, a 2k linear potentiometer, 4 resistors(10,100,1k,10k) and switch to control the resistance, oh yea and an oscilloscope. Would you have any tips on how to wire it? Anything helps thanks

14 06 2012
Jose Guadarrama

Thanks Ahead of time

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