21 07 2011

The nuts and bolts for the large flange are galling:

This set is shot.

These sets are pretty expensive, so I asked MDC for a free replacement… which they gave me!

Galling is pretty common with stainless on stainless. One solution is to use anti-sieze:

But this introduces goopy hydrocarbons to my clean chamber.

MDC’s recommended solution is silver plated stainless steel bolts. At $77 for a large conflat it’s very expensive… but the way to go.



If At First You Fail: Cheat

21 07 2011

All photos.

The delicate assembly I made yesterday fell apart when I tried to assemble it today.

So I’m taking the easy way out… I will use one strand from this stranded silver-plated teflon-insulated wire:

Much sturdier!

Now I have a fully assembled Langmuir probe:

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