Focardi and Rossi

8 04 2011

Although I’m skeptical, this story keeps coming.

Italian researchers Focardi and Rossi claim to have crossed break-even fusion with a LENR (low energy nuclear reactions)(not cold fusion) heat source.

Now Swedish researchers have confirmed.. yes fusion is happening here. Check it out:

Man, holy shit.

If this is real it’s more exciting than the Bussard Reactor. Let’s be honest.

I would love to try and build one. Totally simple.

Although the details of the experiment are starting to emerge, the secret sauce has not been revealed.

What if we could re-discover that secret and open-source it?

Bet we could! profiles Prometheus Fusion

3 04 2011 just published a nice profile on Prometheus Fusion.


I’ve been seeing renewed interest in the project post Fukushima.

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