Vacuum Fixed!

4 03 2011

All photos.

I had a real leak, and possibly a virtual leak.

The leak:

See the break in the groove? My knife edge has a small ding.

But it’s no problem as long as you tighten the conflat enough.

There are 20 bolts on these conflats, it’s easy to accidentally skip one or more.

To improve the process I made this paper insert:

Pretty proud of this one actually.

In addition to an actual leak, I may have had a virtual leak, which is just air trapped behind a screw. To eliminate a virtual leak, the bolts inside the vacuum need a channel to let trapped air escape:

I’ll cut those channels on the bolts today.

As a control I put the coil former and supports in the chamber unassembled:

It’s looking good!!

And dropping.


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