Acid Washed

28 02 2011

All photos.

I just disassembled and acid washed all the parts for the coil former and electron gun. This degreases and cleans the parts.

I used a 15% HCL solution.

The aluminum started bubbling, so I didn’t leave it in long. The Stainless and ceramic I left for 15 minutes.

The parts will dry overnight.



3 responses

1 03 2011

I’m not a chemist but doesn’t aluminum and HCl make hydrogen gas and aluminum chloride? Wouldn’t that affect the aluminum parts and cause them to not be there original shape? Possible breaking seals? Again, I’m not a chemist or a doctor…

1 03 2011

Good progress! Looks like much fun.
Kurtis – yes, I was a chemist, Al and HCL don’t play well together. Maybe acetone would be better.

2 03 2011

You could also use a carb dip/cleaner.

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