Bitcoin Fundraiser

4 02 2011

As an experiment, I’m starting a fundraiser asking for bitcoins – a new digital currency.

The project’s receiving address is:

Get the skinning on bitcoin here:

Got a powerful graphics card? You can donate without spending cash, just computer cycles! Contact me for details.

UPDATE: We have received our first donation of $1.16 BTC!!!! Awesome!

UPDATE: Another 1 BTC!

Let’s see if we can make it to 1000 BTC!!!

UPDATE: Donation of 11.24 BTC!!!  1% of goal already.

UPDATE: Another 6 bitcoins!



6 responses

4 02 2011
Tom Campbell

How powerful of a card do you need? I’ve got a great system at home that does nothing all day long. Drop me a line with the min specs and details.


4 02 2011
Mark Suppes

Anything will do, just a matter of how fast it works.

5 02 2011

Probably the fastest, easiest way to start acquiring bitcoins by mining:

5 02 2011
Mark Suppes

Yeah, I want to get a group mining operation going. Still figuring out the best way to do that. Any help would help!

7 02 2011
Nathan Wheeler

All you need to do to set up a group mining operation is create a proxying system… I have one in place for clustering multiple computers via network. I don’t have any fancy graphics cards, but I’m able to run about 2000 khash/s per machine.

4 08 2011
Myckel Habets

Do you still accept bitcoins as donation? I send some recently, but I see they are still in your wallet. With your recent progress I want to send a bit more, just want to be sure you’ll receive them.

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