25 01 2011

All photos.

I recently purchased a used Tektronix 2445 oscilloscope. It’s a 4 channel 150 MHz analog scope.

I also purchased a Tektronix 2430 digital scope which is en route. The digital scope has the key advantage that it can capture and display a single frame from a trigger. The digital scope will show readings from the Langmuir probe in the Sydney experiment.

It has taken me a few days of reading the manual and playing around with the scope to get a grasp. But I’m getting the hang of it, and wow… it’s a new way to explore the world!

My first discovery is that one of my bench DC power supplies is rather noisy:

The other bench power supply looks much cleaner:

But neither DC power supply is as clean as the perfectly flat signal you get from a battery.

I also used my iphone to display some sine waves:



2 responses

25 01 2011
John Meacham

Nice. I really have to resist the urge to buy used osciloscopes when I see them at swap meets or garage sales.

30 01 2011

In the spirit of never assume I offer the following (probably stating the terribly obvious, but here I go)….when one buys a used osillyscope, one should have it re-calibrated so you know you’re getting accurate measurements. I have mixed feelings about buying used test gear from a dealer who claims a unit was re-calibrated as part of the deal. As always – caveat emptor. This is just me – if I were in need of truly precision measurements, I’d buy the used gear from one guy, and get the gear calibrated by someone else. To each his own, of course.


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