Cryogenic Cocktail Party

21 12 2010

All photos.

Last night my shop mate Stuart hosted a cryogenic cocktail party using his cryo-freezer and my liquid nitrogen.

The cryofreezer goes down to -120˚ C, cold enough to freeze liquor! We had vodka, bourbon, and gin ice cubes:

Ben made a silicon cast of a drinking glass to cast an ice glass:

We used the liquid nitrogen to make flash ice cream. Delicious:

I made white russian ice cream:

Turbo Molecular Pump Teardown

21 12 2010

All photos.

Yesterday I did a tear down of an old unused turbo molecular pump I’ve had laying around. Very instructive to see the insides. Here it is to begin with:

To assist disassembly, the pump has pry screws to push off the top case (Stuart’s tip):

Once you remove the outer shell you see this:

Sliding out the stators allows the removal of each pancake.

The rotor appears to be in perfect condition. It is machined from a single solid piece of metal. The stators are flimsy and largely bent out of shape.

At this point we still haven’t figured out how to remove the main rotor.

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