Bellows Holder

9 11 2010

All photos.

I’ve been meaning to make a little bracket to keep this bellows feedthrough from moving around

So today I designed this bellows holder in Sketchup. I’m waiting on a quote for 3D metal printing:



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9 11 2010

3D printing? For that? Just get it cut! (ex.

3D printing is way too expensive for an object that simple! Just take the original file and make a 2D DXF and then send it of to bigbluesaw.

Sorry about my advice-giving; I’m just a lone MakerBot Operator that now thinks he’s an expert at CAD and Industrial Design just because he got the educational version of Alibre Design Expert for a lot less than the non-educational version.

Feel free to contact me if you decide you want to save a bunch of money by just getting it cut :)

9 11 2010
Mark Suppes

Good call!

I’ll get a quote there too.

12 11 2010
Mark Suppes

Ha! metal printing ended up being cheaper!

19 12 2010
Bellows Holder « Prometheus Fusion Perfection

[…] I designed a bellows holder to keep the high voltage feedthrough from […]

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