Projects I Dig

1 11 2010

I’ve come across some projects I really dig. Though I’d share:

ChemHacker is building an open source scanning tunneling microscope:


Ivan Bozovic has fabricated a nanometer scale superconductor at Brookhaven National Laboratory:


Junior has hacked together an incredible SLA style DIY 3D printer:

This project has sparked my interest in the amazing Digital Light Processing technology.


Kenneth V. Noren shows genetic algorithms can design electronic circuits!



2 responses

2 11 2010

myself i’m working on a combinatoral digital logic evolver. it takes two 32-bit inputs and produces 1 32-bit ouput. i have cpu code running smoothly. now i’m in the process of translating over to gpu code, and adding lamarkian evolution to the output layer.

5 11 2010

We chatted in NY!

My machine’s a lot simpler, and I’m almost done. Keep up the good work. Your stuff is very inspiring.

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