21 10 2010

All photos.

I have put the superconducting magnet into a persistent state!!!!!

Power supplies off, magnet still going!

Details to follow.


OK. Here it is. The units are in raw volts coming from the magnetometer and the current sensing resistor (0.008 ohms). The red is the current going into the superconducting coil, the white is the magnetic field. You can see that the current drops off, but the magnetic field persists. WIN!!!!

The magnetic field gradually falls off over the course of an hour.

This is the setup:

SC coil in the dewar:

Here is the schematic:

It was all controlled manually by switching the power supplies on and off.



17 responses

21 10 2010
Margaret Leber


“Small steps, Sparks. Small steps. This is how its been done for billions of years”

21 10 2010
Mark Suppes


21 10 2010


Looking forward to the details :)

21 10 2010
Heiner Wof

Power off! very cool.

21 10 2010
James J

Very well done :)

21 10 2010
anon supporter

Congratulations! Fascinating phenomena :)

21 10 2010
Mark Suppes

Thank you all, I’d like to add a BOOOYAAAA!

21 10 2010

Awesomeness!!!! Check! Totally doable. :)

21 10 2010
Dr. Russ Reiss

Excellent!! Success makes all the work feel worthwhile :) Looking forward to all the details. What temperature was this done at?

21 10 2010

Wow, impressive, congratulations !

22 10 2010

Wow … congratulations ….

A current running through a closed loop producing a persistent magnetic field… sound strange and kinda awesome at the same time.


22 10 2010

Persistence -> Persistent

Awesome job.

22 10 2010

Fabulous achievement Famulus! cant wait to see your rig all humming together.

27 10 2010


4 11 2010
Tom Ligon

I need one of those! I wanna build one too!

From the description on, that’s what I thought you must have built. This would make a nice demo kit for people bored with levitating rare earth magnets over a disk of HTSC.

9 11 2010
Steven Hosemans

Awesome job Mark,
Thought you may find this interesting even though you have it working..may extend persistence?

9 11 2010
Mark Suppes

Excellent link Steven, thank you!

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