Superconducting Magnet

15 10 2010

All photos.

I’m almost ready to test the superconducting magnet again. The coil heater and the SC coil are wired up to Labview. The DC magnetometer is showing on a graph in Labview:

I’m still struggling with timed sequences in Labview. I want the SC coil to shutdown x milliseconds after the heater is turned off. I can’t use the wait vi because it stops the whole program.



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16 10 2010

I am inexplicably happy to see a 160 in One kit wired up to a superconducting magnet. It seems very appropriate somehow. :)

16 10 2010

It’s actually really useful to have a variety of common components labeled and ready to go.

I keep thinking about making a “grown-up” version of it using a laser cutter.

25 10 2010
Hitesh Dhola

You Can use tick functions available in labview … instead of wait

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