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30 09 2010

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The persistent switch on the superconducting magnet needs a computer controlled heater. The heater itself is just a coil of nichrome wire around the YBCO:

With some experimentation I determined that it takes about 300 mA to make the heater warm to the touch.

Now I want to computer control the heater using a digital output on the NI USB 6008. The 6008 will control a higher current transistor (or darlington) and the transistor will control the current to the heater.

Seeing that the NI USB 6008‘s output is either +5V or 0V, my first instinct was to try this:

This failed. FAIL.

I looked at the docs for the NI USB 6008 and I found this:

The default configuration of the NI USB-6008/6009 DIO ports is open collector, allowing 5 V operation, with an onboard 4.7 kΩ pull-up resistor.

So basically the digital output  is either an open circuit or a path to ground. The 4.7 kΩ pull-up resistor brings the output to +5V when it’s ON, but when you ammeter from DO1 to ground you don’t see any current.

However in this configuration you will see a current turn on and off with DO1:

How do we go from a current to a voltage? A resistor!

This schematic represents the working solution:

Here is a video of computer controlled current:

From 2010-09-30


30 09 2010

Just got a quote from a vendor down the street to clean and passivate my vacuum chamber and all conflat fittings: ~$225.00

Currently I would describe my chamber as filthy. Passivating it would restore all vacuum parts to a factory new condition.

Would my ceramic feedthroughs and glass viewports be damaged by the strong acids used in the passivation process? I’m guessing so.

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