RGA Progress

27 09 2010

All photos.

I tried the RGA today and finally made some progress. Check this out:

Looks like the RGA works, but it still needs calibration.

Seems we have hydrocarbons and water in the chamber. Where did O2 come from (or is that air)

Wonder what mass 26 and mass 30 and 29 are?

Here is partial pressure over time:

I doubt I’m even using it right. There is a lot to learn.


27 09 2010

All photos.

I’m back from a refreshing vacation. Started by cleaning up my desk:

Stuart gave me this cool old small parts drawer:

I’m going to start by taking another crack at the persistent switch for the superconducting magnet.

Also, if you have been trying to get a hold of me… now is a good time.

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