28 08 2010

I am proud to annouce the re-launch of

This video gives a good overview of the new digital flagship.

I’ve been working extremely hard on this for the last two months. NIghts, weekends… around the clock. But it was worth it. Gucci’s new digital flagship is beautiful and functional. It is built almost entirely with open source software.

Work continues, but now that we have launched we can go back to a normal schedule. Which means I’ll have time in the lab again. Happy to be back.



3 responses

28 08 2010
James J

You worked on that? Impressive client!

I was wondering what the lack of activity was about ;)

29 08 2010
Gabor Laszlo

Nice site :)

The firm I work for (as sysadmin) specializes in online shops, and one of the tools they offer is a 360° view of the merchandise. In case you’re interested, take a look at

4 09 2010

Pretty shnazzy.

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