Polywell Patent

27 07 2010

In case anyone was wondering, this is the Polywell patent currently in effect:


UPDATE: Apparently, this is a patent application not a patent. It was rejected and has not been re-applied for… see comments.



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28 07 2010

I’m sure it’s above my head…how do you feel it affects your efforts?

29 07 2010

That’s a patent application, not a patent. It was given a non-final rejection by the patent office for being too similar to previous patents (which have expired). No further activity has been done on the application since the non-final rejection.

29 07 2010

Fascinating. What is your background Bak?

Also, is there evidence of the rejection?

29 07 2010

I work in the geophysics sector, though I hold a few patents myself and as such am familiar with the process.

You can view details of this application at:


The document discussing the issues with the patent can be downloaded here:


It’s a little thick on the legalese, but the long and the short of it is that claims 1 through 4 on the patent were not found to be novel by the examiner. Now, the applicant has the option to correct said issues and submit an revised patent, but the non-final rejection was over a year ago and no activity has occurred since.

29 07 2010

Amazing. Great information.

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