EMI Next Steps

27 07 2010

Got some great feedback from the community about fixing our EMI problem. In summary:

  1. Try Lifting the USB’s ground on one side or the other.
  2. The last faraday cage we use was likely steel, which can have enough resistance to pass radio frequency. Try aluminum faraday cage.
  3. Use USB cable with ferrite bead like this one Dave purchased:

I have an electronics chassis I’ve recycled to try as the next faraday cage:



2 responses

29 07 2010

Have you thought about getting an old (used cheap) pawnshp microwave? It’s a purpose built faraday cage to keep microwaves in.

19 09 2010
Imran K

Just another thought:


Opto isolation means that there is no electrical connection between the various USB devices and computers. This should help your EMI problems.

Unfortunately at 400$ this part isn’t cheap. Lifting the grounds is certainly more cost effective.

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