Dept of Health

23 07 2010

All photos.

Got a visit from the New York City Department of Health. They had several super hi-tech radiation meters. Dr. Karam on the left.

Neutron detector:

Taking readings while the fusor is running:

Generally they found that it’s producing a small amount of x-ray and neutron flux, but both were below harmful levels even at close range. Full report pending. Dr. Karam wants to do a longer test so the fusor can reach full neutron flux after bakeout.

ALSO: Just received this huge capacitor bank from ebay. I have to admit, this was an inpulse purchase!

48 X (1800 uF, 450V) capacitor bank. BAD ASS.



4 responses

23 07 2010

Looks like that Ka-zapitor bank might be a purchase with quite a *bit* of impulse. :-)

You shoulda asked those guys to let you borrow that neutron meter for a few months…

24 07 2010
Don Cox

Get zapped by those capacitors and you could end up with Super Powers.

25 07 2010

Kinda funny they are not using any moderator and expecting to detect neutrons.

26 07 2010

Cool cap. bank. Drop that in the back seat of your EV for something extra away from the lights on your friday night streets run …

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