26 06 2010

I’ve made this diagram to show where this project fits in the landscape of nuclear energy research:

UPDATE: I’ve updated this diagram with corrections provided by commenters.

Click for full size.



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29 06 2010
Ivy Matt

Hello, Famulus! It’s nice to see where you’re going with your experiments. I’m looking forward to seeing the copper-coil Polywell in action.

Regarding the diagram, Focus Fusion is an example of the dense plasma focus which, from what I understand, has little to do with inertial electrostatic confinement. As for the Bussard Reactor, I personally would draw an arrow from “Magnetic confinement” in addition to the one from “Inertial electrostatic confinement”, as the electrons at least are magnetically confined. Without the magnets the Polywell would just be an Elmore-Tuck-Watson fusor (or an empty vacuum chamber ;-)).

29 06 2010

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll update the diagram.

1 07 2010

Isn’t polywell a combination of IEC and magnetic confinement?

2 07 2010


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