Background Reading

21 06 2010

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Just completed a background reading on the bubble meter. We saw 1 bubble in 3486 minutes (2 days  10 hours  6 minutes).



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22 06 2010
Raymond Rogers

Good! I do have a question: Was the detector in the same position relative to the building and such, as the original 4 bubble readings? (Just nit-picking)

22 06 2010


24 06 2010

let me know if you need an computer work done.

24 06 2010

Is the bubble detector immune to false positives from arcing?

24 06 2010
Mark Drummey

Go Marco!

26 06 2010
Neutrons / Second « Prometheus Fusion Perfection

[…] Question to the community: where do I apply the error factor? Also, I have yet to factor out the background reading I did previously: 1 bubble in 3486 minutes (2 days  10 hours  6 minutes). Rob Notes: There […]

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