TVS Progress

30 05 2010

All photos.

Wiring up transient voltage suppression for all channels. I’m using shielded twisted pair for interconnects.



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30 05 2010
Raymond Rogers

Looks good. If I were you I would take the shield of the cable going to the USB and ground it to the USB connector ground and jumper the USB side input grounds together. Which side to ground and instrumentation cable is always a problem; a trade-off between precision and protection.
Don’t cutoff the TVS end of the shield. Just wrap it back and insulate it with tape. You might, IMHO less that 10% chance, need to use it.
Incidentally I will surprised if this arrangement doesn’t work; unless there is a mess (flying wires and such) at the sensor end. If this doesn’t work then some testing with the sensor end of the cable will be in order.
I would be interested in the scope, ADC computer output graph, during the magnet firing, and if (when?) the high voltage discharges take place. It would take several occurrences to get a profile due to the impulses being out of synch with data acquisition. Always interested in seeing how well things work. I don’t recommend doing the plasma arcs just to satisfy curiosity though; they are bound to be destructive somewhere.


30 05 2010
Raymond Rogers

BTW: have you seen:

Phys. Plasmas 17, 052510 (2010); doi:10.1063/1.3428744 (5 pages)
The dependence of the virtual cathode in a Polywell™ on the coil current and background gas pressure

I don’t want to spend $28 for something I probably won’t use so I can’t vouch for it relevance. I am a EE and amateur mathematician; but certainly not a physicist.

30 05 2010

Well this is the experiment I’m running! Guess I should have the paper!

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