Fire the coils!

30 05 2010

Here is a video of firing the coils:



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30 05 2010
Raymond Rogers

Great; I presume the USB instrumentation wasn’t affected? Or course from what I saw you don’t really have an extended loop. Remember those magnetic fields (as implemented) get into any area enclosed by wiring; so the smaller the area for signals vs. return the better. That is one of the primary advantages of twisting the signal and return. It’s a really cheap safeguard.
An interesting experiment is to use a loop of wire probe to measure the field here and there. We do that sometimes for a cheap emi probe on equipment. Actually a poor technique for a variety of reasons.
These magnets have always bothered me. Why not design an exterior set of electromagnets to actively (or maybe passively) shield the field; preventing it from getting out into the room and disturbing equipment. Just one of my idle thoughts. It would have to be designed using FEA and such to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the field and reroute ions; but maybe it could actually shape the interior (of the shield) to help.

As a minor insult; but to be through. You can twist loose wire by tying on end of signal/return and using a drill.
Sorry for the insult (if it is) but I don’t know you personally and don’t know your background.

This is fun; kibitzing without any responsibility. Perhaps I will start making suggestions about plugging the hole in the bottom of Gulf; although I like to think I am paranoid enough to have avoided it to begin with.

31 05 2010

Something to think about down the line for when you make the superconducting coil: Shimming.

3 06 2010

Good to see you’re getting your grounding program under way, it is essential to get this foundation rock solid before you start floating off all over the place with the fields … gotta crawl before you can walk.

Polywell have a Faraday cage (I assume it is grounded) inside the vacuum tank surrounding the coils. Think chicken netting.

24 06 2010

Hey, you’ve got Wulfram’s book too!

Can’t wait to see your Magrid up and running.

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