Lab Time

16 05 2010

Spent some time in the lab. Really loving my new photo blogging capabilities. Shoot first, answer questions later.

Friday’s photo stream.

Saturday’s photo stream.

Received a bunch of parts from mouser. Including the protection diodes.

Prototyping board for NI USB 6008. I should have ordered two!

Did a tour of my shop neighbor’s guitar workshop:

Made progress on the coil power supply chassis:

And played around with ferrofluid:



3 responses

17 05 2010
Marc Verdi

Where is my nifty gift for the donation? :-)

17 05 2010

Hello Marc!

Just checked the kickstarter records and I didn’t get a mailing address for you. Please provide mailing address and I’ll send it right off. Thanks!

21 06 2010

Hehe, I instantly recognized that mouser bag! (I’m a soon-to-be grad student in plasma physics, and I’m doing my time as a lab-rat, so I’ve seen my fair share of those.)

I really like your effort, and I intend to follow it and see what you come up with. I’m glad you are sharing it with the rest of us!

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