TVS Progress

30 05 2010

All photos.

Wiring up transient voltage suppression for all channels. I’m using shielded twisted pair for interconnects.

Fire the coils!

30 05 2010

Here is a video of firing the coils:

TVS Test

29 05 2010

All photos from today.

Worked on the transient voltage suppression system all day.

I wired up a single differential channel on the USB 6008 with TVS protection:

The channel seemed to behave normally with the TVS circuit installed. Next is to test it with a voltage spike. Maybe start with this guy:

Simple Labview VI to monitor the voltage:

Also cleaned up the computer cart:

Transient Voltage Suppression

22 05 2010

All photos

I enjoy drawing my schematics on the whiteboard and snapping a quick picture. This is the schematic for transient voltage suppression going into the USB 6008:

Started wiring it up:

The diodes are heavy duty:

The diode’s leads are too thick for the USB 6008 Prototyping board:

I can still solder these diodes on, but it will get crowded on this board:

So I will also use standard prototyping board:

Lab Time

16 05 2010

Spent some time in the lab. Really loving my new photo blogging capabilities. Shoot first, answer questions later.

Friday’s photo stream.

Saturday’s photo stream.

Received a bunch of parts from mouser. Including the protection diodes.

Prototyping board for NI USB 6008. I should have ordered two!

Did a tour of my shop neighbor’s guitar workshop:

Made progress on the coil power supply chassis:

And played around with ferrofluid:

Photo Stream

9 05 2010

I recently acquired a remarkable little piece of technology called eye-fi. Its an SD memory card for your digital camera with built in WIFI. As soon as I take a picture it is uploaded to Picassa and my computer. It’s amazing.

Photography is the most important part of this blog, but until now… the most cumbersome. It was a 10 step process to get a photo from my camera to the blog. Now I am publishing a photo stream just by taking the photos. So easy.

The upshot is I will be publishing about 100 photos every day I’m in the lab… you will literally see them before I do.

So without further ado, here is the new photo stream. And here is a tour of the lab in photos from today. Some highlights:

Picked up a wireless USB hub:

Coil Power Supply 10 Cap Test

8 05 2010

Today I did a full 10 capacitor 450V test fire of the coil power supply into the coils:

No problems, everything went well.

On a disappointing note… it looks like Goddamn vacuum pump is broken again: the vent value going into the turbo pump is stuck open, allowing atmosphere to flow into the chamber. Maybe I fried the valve with a voltage spike.

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